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How to install a device driver

Gainer I/O modules and Arduino boards are equipped with an USB chip, so install a device driver first.

Windows XP/Vista

First, install the device driver from the following URL. Then run the installer and follow the directions it provides.

Driver for Windows

Mac OS X

First, install the device driver from the following URL. Then extract the package, run the installer and follow the instructions.

Driver for Mac OS X (Intel)

Preparation for your hardware

Gainer I/O modules

In case of Gainer I/O modules, you have nothing to do. Just connect your module via USB cable, and follow the instruction described below to launch Funnel Server.

Arduino boards

To connect Arduino boards, Firmata is needed. Firmata is a MIDI like protocol proposed by Hans-Christoph Steiner. Since Arduino 0015 includes the Firmata library by default, you can easily start using your Arduino board as an I/O module for Funnel just by uploading the example sketch as follows.

  1. Choose an appropriate model in Tools/Board menu
  2. Choose an appropriate serial port in Tools/Serial Port menu
  3. Choose StandardFirmata in File/Sketchbook/Examples/Library-Firmata
  4. Press the Upload button to upload the sketch to your board

The upload process should finish after 10 seconds or so. If you see error messages, please make the board and serial port selection, then try again.

How to configure and run Funnel Server


Start-up and Configure settings for Arduino

On both Mac OS X and Windows, double click on Funnel Server to launch, the choose "Gainer" for Gainer IO boards or "Arduino (StandardFirmata)" for Arduino boards. On Mac OS X, Funnel Server will then try to open an appropriate port. So you might not need to configure the serial port settings. On Windows, you have to configure the serial (com) port setting. Please choose a proper serial port (e.g. COM3) in the port menu.

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