The Japanese prime minister has recently and successfully made sure that the cabinet approved the regulations for some gambling resorts, the first which would indeed open in Osaka in the near future. Some say it may open in the year 2024 and it will also provide a great new source of tax revenues.

Japan has also successfully legalized casinos in the year 2016, and they also passed another bill which had properly laid out the roadmap for gaming. The goal was indeed to have the first casino open perfectly by the time that Tokyo hosted the 2020 Summer Olympics but actually wrangling over some regulations and even the public concerns over the compulsive gambling has indeed pushed back most of the plans. The plans would be able to open the way for billions of dollars when it comes to investment from MGM Resorts and other resorts of the same kind. You should know that there are other forms of legalized gambling, and this would be betting on horse races and so many other types. With the opening of casinos, Japan is actually hoping to become an advanced country when it comes to tourism. There are a lot of people in the world who love to visit casinos. These people also have a couple of favorite games in the casinos that they have no problem spending a lot of time and even money on. These games can include the following:

  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps


These are some games that are available, and people actually get really invested in them from time to time, and they do indeed put in all of their efforts into making sure that they have a good time and also that they win more money than they put in. Most of the time, it all depends on luck for most of these games, which is one of the most important things you should know.

The latest Japanese regulations have indeed approved that even hotels can have casinos in them, but a license should indeed be acquired. The size of the hotel does indeed matter quite a bit. Here are some regulations to keep in mind.

  • The guest room of the hotel must indeed be 100,000 square meters.
  • The size of the convention and the exhibition centers must be calculated together.
  • The total area of the casino should indeed make up no more than 3% of the total area of the entire resort.
  • These gambling resorts will also only be allowed to show features and advertise in international airports and also even in cruise ship terminals as well.